Monday, January 11, 2016

Part 1 - Complete January 12th

Choose one strategy that you are going to implement in your classroom between today and our next meeting, January 26th.  To better understand the value of the strategy it is recommended that you implement your chosen strategy at least twice before our next meeting.

  • Anticipation Guide
  • Kinesthetic Reading/Underlining/Group Reading
  • ABC Brainstorming
  • Read, Write, Run Relay
  • SUMO
  • Personal Word Wall
  • Roving Paragraph
  • RAFT
  • Think Aloud
  • Insert Symbols
  • Quick Write
  • IDEA
  • List, Sort, Label, Write
  • Ten Important Words

Other ideas we discussed: string/yarn wrapping to determine length of student reading, online summarizing tools, 

In the comment section below, identify the strategy you are committing to implement and indicate the two contents/readings you will use it in conjunction with.   Include any additional pre-planning that will need to take place before the lessons are implemented.  Remember, you will be implementing the strategy at least twice--maybe more.


  1. Using the Anticipation Guide before two upcoming readings (Characteristics of the Sun and Light years), by using 3-5 Agree or Disagree statements

  2. TEN WORD:
    I am going to use the ten words as a summary from our SLR we have created. It will go over the reading we have for components of the universe. I will do this with the grade level students.

    The life cycle of a star obituary with the Pre-AP kids.

  3. I will use the ABC brainstorming with an article about the concept we are covering next week.

  4. In my eighth grade science classroom, I am going to implement the Anticipation Guide with our upcoming reading on the Sun and a reading on Light Years. I plan on using 3-5 questions or statements.

  5. I will use Read, Write, Run in my classroom as a way to introduce our next unit's concepts (Natural Selection and Selective Breeding). Before the lesson, I will need to find the expository text we want to use and write facilitating questions that bring out the main ideas. Then I will type up the questions and post them in different colors (for each table) around the room.
    Excited to see how this goes! :)

  6. I will implement the ABC Brainstorming to introduce potential and kinetic energy. Later, I will have my students complete the ABC Brainstorming again to review over the information. (I can get a little competitive, so I found this activity fun!)

  7. I will use the ABC Brainstorming, continue using anticipation guides and try IDEA.

  8. I plan on using the ABC Brainstorming activity on Thursday to review the article over energy resources that the students were responsible for reading today.

  9. I will use the ABC Brainstorming strategy with energy sources and energy conservation.

  10. For my Pre-AP, I will implement RAFT. For my academic, I will implement ABC brainstorming. I will use this in either dominant/recessive genes or natural selection.

  11. In my biology class, I plan to use the RAFT strategy to have the students write about the founder effect and examples of symbiotic relationships.

  12. I will used Read Write Run Relay with the article "Birds of Hawaii"

    I will used Read Write Run Relay with the Article
    "Treating a Sick Heart"

  13. I used ABC for Energy Sources. It allow students to practice vocabulary and help get them thinking and focused on the topic before they started independant research.

  14. I will be using 10 important words in my Biology classes as a review for our Genetics unit. I also, plan to use this strategy for our next unit of study.